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On-Page & Off-Page SEO Services for Small & Medium enterprises

Optimizing Headings

Headings are signposts that guide readers through an article. Therefore, they should indicate what a section or a paragraph is about. Otherwise, people won’t know what to expect. Our experts will optimize H1 & H2 heading tags, as they are among the more heavily weighed elements of on-page content by the search engines along with keywords, page titles, body text, and links.

Meta tag optimization

Meta tags are invisible tags that provide information about your website and web page to search engines and website visitors. Six different types of meta tags to improve the optimization and increase search engine rankings. We optimize Title Tag, Meta Description, Robots meta tag, Alt text, Canonical tag and Header tag (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

Content Optimization


It’s basically the process of improving the aesthetics and performance of a site’s assets or pages that provide unique value to its intended users through on-page SEO, conversion optimization, user experience, design, content editing and more.

Sun Bpo Solutions Content Managers, optimize content to become more attractive, useful and actionable to users. We typically include processes to perform and rank better on search engines.

Image Optimization and ALT Tags

Images bring an article to life and can also contribute to your website’s SEO.
Images will help readers better understand your article. It could turn out to provide you with a nice bit of traffic. Our expert team optimize the images and update SEO friendly ALT tags to the images

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is often confused with “site speed,” which is actually the page speed for a sample of page views on a site. Page speed can be described in either “page load time” (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page) or “time to first byte” (how long it takes for your browser to receive the first byte of information from the webserver). Our Experts implement many solutions like enabling compression, reducing redirects, leverage browser caching, improving server response time & optimizing images to increase page speed.


User experience (UX)

UX design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

Sun Bpo Solutions help you in the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.
We concentrate on other aspects of the user experience, such as pleasure, efficiency and fun, too.

Title tag optimization

The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content. Sun Bpo Solutions experts will help to optimize title tags for search engine and usability goals.

URL Optimization

keywords in the URL are a ranking factor and short and descriptive URLs can help with link building and user interaction
Our experts make URL to immediately make sense to users and describe the topic and the content of the page it represents. The more unique and memorable you can make a descriptive URL, the more likely people will remember, share and link to those URLs


Mobile-friendly content appears well not just on desktop computers but also on smaller mobile devices. Our Sun Bpo Solution experts make the text easily readable, links and navigation are easily clickable, and it’s easy to consume the content in general. We use different strategies to create mobile-friendly websites and using responsive design.

Internal Linking Structure

We will guide you Google follows links to discover content on websites and to rank this content in the search results. If a post or page gets a lot of links this is a signal to Google that it’s an important or high-value article. This counts for internal as well as external links. Internal linking is something you control as a site owner. With the right internal links, you’ll guide your visitors and Google to your most important pages.


Our Off-Page SEO Services

Everything You’ll Need

Managing Active Social Media Accounts

Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments for an online business’ social media efforts. Engagement has historically been a common metric for evaluating social media performance but doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. Social media engagement is only as positive as the reputation it generates

Google My Business Profile creation

Our experts use this tool, how your business appears on Google Search and Maps and includes adding your business name, location, and hours; monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where and how people are searching for you, and more.

Implementation of a blog on your site

Blogging can significantly enhance your. Our experts will help you to create a Blog to build your contact network with potential clients, business and advertising partners, and even “old media” contacts like newspaper and television reporters, visibility online.

Creating custom info graphics

Graphics may be easier for the reader to understand. Combining text and graphics allows communicators to take advantage of each medium’s strengths and diminish each medium’s weaknesses.

Networking with high-quality sites

Networking is all about sharing. Strength your business connections with our unique approach to improving your page visits, scaleup sales and leads.

Forum Submissions

Forums Submission is one of the Off-Page SEO techniques. We will help you to increase organic traffic but also increase your site backlinks as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of implementing correct strategies, techniques and methods to increase the web traffic to your website. Good SEO will help to increase the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in top Search Engine, and help you to get more visitors and can be converted into potential customers.

Why should I hire your SEO Services?

Sun BPO Solutions have been helping small and medium businesses to achieve top ranking for highly competitive keyword but also our own websites. Our Strategies are proven and our services are transparent. Stop paying thousands of dollars for SEO.

What Sun BPO Solutions offer me?

1. Top Ranking in Search Engine Results

2. Affordable & Cost-Effective SEO services

3. Better profits and sales

4. More Leads

5. Organic Traffic

6. Improvement in brand reputation and recgonation

How long will it take to see results from SEO?

SEO is a long term process and generally, it will take 3 months to 12 months to see the results. We use the prefer Key Word strategies to get results. 

How much does Sun Bpo Solutions cost?

Sun Bpo Solutions charges a flat monthly fee based on your needs and requirements.
Visit our pricing page to see more….

Do you offer any other services?

With 15+ years of experience of setting up and running my own business, we have a vast knowledge of business and can help set up websites, social media, advertising, virtual assistance, virtual property management.

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